One More Time… I get asked does social media make a Realtor Money?

Gerry Halstrom - August 8, 2014

This is by far the #1 question I get. One more time I got this one lobbed at me this week sitting among a wonderful group of agents in Spruce Grove Alberta drinking Koolaide at the local BP. Most of you will not know what BP is. Another post.

Here goes…

My “take”

Social media allows us to connect. Connect with the audience who may love us, want to hire us, wish to refer us to a friend. To me, that’s enough reasons. Recent Canadian law has finally put an end to spamming via consent emails and when was the last time you read mail or even listened to a voice mail (some of you). So how do you connect?

You are you, no more and no less. Social media works for those who are willing to be their true-selves and to communicate in socially acceptable manner to their own fan club.

End Game…  Make this a part of your life and get on the program as the person you wake up with. YOU! 


Out – GH 



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