Building a website and going “Solo”

Gerry Halstrom - May 21, 2014

A few months ago one of my creative friends challenged me to build my own website. Now that sounded a great deal like giving one’self a haircut. But he promised me – “you can do it” Well I am not sure if I should hug him or punch him in the mouth. But it is done (sort of) and over the next life-time I will be tweaking, adding, posting and generally monkeying about. Was it worth it? Well yes! I used Square Space and saved around $5,000 on what I was envisioning. 

They keys to a great modern website is in the content, simplicity and actually getting the material up. I know so many Realtors and Business’s who do not have a web site because they can not get it out of the shop and on the race track. 

Start with a good professional logo, get a few good creative writers to vet and make suggestions. If you are like me I can screw up the most basic of the Anglish language. So these people are key.

Then have a couple people who know you and who can help get the personal brand & recipe right. Once done, start cutting your own hair. 

Best of luck – Gerry 


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