This week on Toronto Real Estate…

Gerry Halstrom - October 2, 2013

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the size of the Toronto market. Over 6 million humans in the GTA, PLUS an enormous influx of people and capital from around the world seem to keep this city on an “always going up” trend.  

I get a lot of people asking me my “take” on the market. On Monday I attended a large gathering where a renown Canadian economist pontificated on what is going to happen… 

My call for what it is worth…

Toronto homes – Gentle increases as foreign capital continues to buoy the market.    

Toronto condos – Lots of teeth grinding here in “Leaf-Land” over condos. My call – great buys right now on condos! Look for down town locations – outskirts may be iffy. Rents are crazy high with 1 bedrooms fetching as much as $2,000 and a floor price of $1500 in the city core ( where ALL the action is for condos). This makes buying in the “Urbanization Zone” nothing but smart.  

Oh, and you can forget commuting to the core from the “Burbs.” It just isn’t an option any more.  

OK enough for the day – G 


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